The members of BCA have an annual turnover of $0.5 billion, employ around 7,000 staff, with 5040 FTEs, and engage with over 2,000 volunteers annually.

BCA members combined own more than 300 retirement villages, nursing homes and social housing accommodation units, providing homes to over 6000 older Australians.

BCA members are actively involved in the provision of residential care, retirement homes, community care, disability services, asylum seeker services, youth services and mental health programs across Australia.

Our Directors

The current Directors of Baptist Care Australia are:

Lucy Morris CEO Baptistcare Inc  (WA) - Chairperson
Paul Scully  CEO Baptist Care (SA) Inc.
Jon Campbell CEO Carinity, Baptist Community Services (Queensland)
Graham Dangerfield  CEO Baptcare (VIC-Tas)
Ross Low   CEO Baptist Community Services  (NSW & ACT) 
Peter Fisher CEO Baptistcare NT (Northern Territory)
Allen Sibley (Baptist Community Services - NSW & ACT) is the Company Secretary

Our Constitution

BCA is a not for profit company limited by guarantee. Our constitution can be found here.

Our Annual Report

Our latest Annual Report can be found here.

Our Strategic Plan

Our current Strategic Plan can be found here.

Contact Us

28a Cambridge Street

p: (02) 9023 2500
f: (02) 9023 2503