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A voice for hope

Baptist Care Australia works to bring equality and opportunity to Australian communities, advocating nationally on social issues such as homelessness, aged care and domestic violence.

We represent Baptist community service organisations and their clients in the national policy debate. You can find out more about what we do in Our work, or read our latest annual report.

We are part of the Australian Baptist movement, and work closely with Baptist churches and other Baptist agencies.

Our strategy focuses on being a strong advocate, and coordination the collaboration of member organisations on national projects.

We are a company limited by guarantee, governed by our Constitution and Board of Directors. Baptist Care Australia is a registered charity and public benevolent institution with income tax deductible gift recipient status.

Our values

  • Informed advocacy Our advocacy is based on high quality research and our collective expertise
  • Collaboration We share resources, relationships and organisational capability to increase our influence and improve our efficiency by working together
  • Openness We are transparent, constructive and respectful in the way we work and communicate
  • Integrity We are honest, accountable and evidence-based

Statement of Faith

Baptist Care Australia's faith statement sets out the reason for our work.

It articulates biblical principles that are relevant to the advocacy work we do at a national level, and to the community work of our member organisations.

The statement's development included consideration and inclusion of many of the principles that are characteristic of Baptist churches and organisations.

Baptist Care Australia acts to reflect God's love and justice by partnering with communities and individuals to empower hope filled, purposeful lives, while championing safe places for the marginalised and those at risk in society.

You can read more about our faith statement here.