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Hope-filled, purposeful people, building communities where every voice is heard and valued


We work together to be a strong Christian advocate for the marginalised and those at risk in society

Strategy 2019-2021

Using our collective experience we will advocate for a nation where marginalised and disadvantaged people experience greater equality and opportunity. Through both our words and our actions we want to help build strong communities where everyone is respected and heard.

We will do this through intentional efforts to co-create new ways of working alongside people inside and outside Baptist Care Australia. Inclusion, co-creation and collaboration create a powerful force for change. We seek to improve our organisations, our programs, social policy and Australian communities through co-creation with one another, and others who share our goals.


By the end of 2021 we will have positioned Baptist Care Australia as a strong advocacy voice on issues relating to:

  • housing and homelessness
  • family and domestic violence
  • children, young people and families, and
  • aged care.

1. Advocacy based on compelling evidence

  • Establish evidence-based policies to support effective advocacy on our priority issues
  • Ensure existing speaking points are current and new speaking points are developed to explore new policy areas and issues
  • Leverage members' research to build national advocacy profile.

2. Engage the experience of our members

  • Establish new policy networks to effectively support advocacy program
  • Effectively engage policy networks and industry experts in social policy development and advocacy
  • Ensure annual conference is a key opportunity to engage and learn from member organisations
  • Where possible, use the voice of our customers and staff experts in advocacy.

 3. Increase the impact of our advocacy

  • Improve communications to reflect a modern advocacy organisation - effectively  engaging with stakeholders, and speaking clearly and strongly about public policy
  • Increase media activity and profile to support advocacy influence
  • Strengthen relationships with like-minded organisations and establish partnerships to help amplify our message
  • Undertake and document systematic relationship management with key decision-makers in government, opposition and the public service
  • Gauge the effectiveness of our advocacy over time.

Purposeful co-creation

We will shine a light on the root causes of social problems and their solutions, model the implementation of these solutions, and work increasingly effectively together to realise greater efficiency and productivity for our organisations and programs.

4. Shine a light on root causes of social problems

  • Establish a program of social policy think tanks events that bring together leaders in knowledge and practice to co-create new solutions to social problems
  • Work with members to model the implementation of new solutions to think tank issues.

 5. Productivity and efficiency

  • Establish and pursue Board-mandated projects to increase efficiency and productivity of member organisations
  • Develop structures to support effective Baptist Care Australia member service delivery partnerships
  • Maintain and develop national procurement contracts program
  • Establish new national networks to support best-practice or next-practice projects.