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Baptist Care Australia's 2024-25 Pre-Budget Submission is here!

Date published: Wednesday 31 January 2024

Category(ies): Feature

The Baptist Care Australia Pre-budget Submission for 2024-25 brings forth vital recommendations and concerns regarding social and community services in Australia. This submission highlights our commitment to advocating for policies that improve equality and opportunity for people living on the margins and experiencing disadvantage. 


Key Recommendations:

  • Social and Affordable Housing: We call for the construction of 500,000 social housing properties over the next decade and the expansion of the Housing Australia Future Fund. Additionally, we recommend an annual contribution to a National Community Housing Industry Development Strategy.
  • Homelessness Services: Our submission proposes an increase in funding for homelessness services, an extension of Equal Remuneration Order funding, and the financing of wrap-around support services for individuals with complex needs.
  • Aged Care: We emphasise the need for additional funding to adapt to the new Aged Care Act, fund the anticipated Fair Work Commission recommendation to uplift the wages of additional aged care staff and implement recommendations from the Aged Care Task Force.
  • Government Support Payments: We advocate for an increase in JobSeeker, Youth Allowance, Parenting Payment Single, and related payments to parity with pension payments, along with supplementary payments for those with additional costs. We also suggest an increase in the maximum threshold for Commonwealth Rent Assistance.
  • Community Services: Our submission highlights the rising demand for community services and recommends an immediate funding boost, recognition of full service costs, and the establishment of a Services Quality Commission.

This pre-budget submission underscores our dedication to ensuring all Australians have equitable access to essential services and support. By addressing income inequality, advocating for safe housing, improving aged care services, enhancing government support payments, and strengthening community services, we aim to make a meaningful difference in society. 


Please click on the link below to explore the complete pre-budget submission and its recommendations.