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Louise O'Neill announced as Aged Care Workforce Industry Council inaugural Chief Executive Officer

Date published: Friday 24 July 2020

Category(ies): News

Baptist Care Australia welcomes the appointment of Louise O'Neill as inaugural Chief Executive Officer of the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC).

In introduction to the Aged Care Peaks, Louise stated "I am very excited to have joinedtheAged Care Workforce Industry Council (ACWIC) as itsinauguralChief Executive Officer. I am also delighted to beworking with the Council, and the sector as a whole, todeliver the Aged Care Workforce Strategy,A Matter of Care.

I am enjoying reconnecting with many people in the sector and making lots of new connections as well. I know there are many more conversations to come, andI look forward to them. It's a key time to be joining the Council. The Council has a range of projects underway to address the strategic actions. I am committed to driving this work forward for the Council and the sector to enable significant improvements for the aged care sector's workforce and in turn for those receiving care and their families."

We welcome Louise's appointment to the role and look forward to working with her in delivering key change to the industry.

The ACWIC has an ethos based on collaboration - Implementation of A Matter of Care underpinned by an active culture of collaboration.

The Council recognises collaboration is essential for the industry to be open to engagement with the parties that manifestly share in having a respected, skilled and well supported workforce. The Council brings together, for the first time, provider CEOs, an employee nominee and a consumer nominee - who together will lead structural change across the industry.

Click below to read the ACWIC July Communique.