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Annual conference

Our 2018 conference promises to be our biggest and best yet, with over 170 delegates from across Australia set to join us in Sydney at the Novotel Manly on 28-30 May. 

This year's conference theme is Everyone is welcome. The program explores aspects of cultural and generational differences to help us become better colleagues, leaders, carers and friends. Understanding the differences between us, our co-workers and our clients is key to our mission as caring organisations. With an increasing focus on the needs of individual consumers, it's never been more important to understand cultural and other differences within our communities.

  • How can cultural understanding help us meet the needs of our clients?
  • What's cultural competence and how can we develop more of it?
  • What does the Christian faith say about understanding and responding to difference?
  • How can we adapt our service delivery models to respond to diverse client needs?
  • How does diversity make our organisations stronger?
  • How do we make inclusive decisions in a diverse society?

You'll consider these and more fascinating topics that you can apply immediately in your work and in your life. You'll also hear compelling case studies from around the Baptist Care network, and have an opportunity to hear the latest from old and new colleagues.


Monday 28 May 2018 (Pre-conference) 

1:30pm - 5:00pm                                             

Aged care advocacy forum
All who work in aged care in Baptist Care Australia member organisations are invited to join a discussion about aged care reform, and help develop our long term vision for the future of the aged care system. What do we think aged care should look like in 20 years? How could this vision be realised? And how do we differ from current visions such as the Aged Care Roadmap and NACA’s Blueprint for Reform?

6:00pm - 8:00pm Welcome reception and welcome to country
Tuesday 29 May 2018
8:00am                    Registration
9:00am Welcome and morning reflection
9:30am Keynote - All about culture
Mariam Veiszadeh
10:30am Morning tea
11:00am Keynote 
12:00am Two tribes: bridging the gulf between progressives and conservatives
Marcia Balzer 
1:00pm  Lunch
1:45pm  Concurrent 1 - Culturally-competent aged care
  Concurrent 2 - Culturally-competent care for Indigenous people
  Concurrent 3 - In it for the long haul - insights to help leaders, managers and staff care for themselves and each other 
3:00pm  Afternoon tea 
3:45pm Measuring client outcomes panel
Ann MacRae, Paull English
5:00pm  Close day 1 
6:30pm  Conference dinner 
Wednesday 30 May 2018



9:00am Morning reflection
9:30am Keynote - The strengths, challenges and competitive advantage of a diverse workforce
Elizabeth Griffin
10:30am  Morning tea
11:00am                  Concurrent 4 - Family violence early intervention
   Concurrent 5 - Funding social housing - the role and opportunities of social impact investing
  Concurrent 6 - Food glorious food! Connecting with aged care consumers and culture through food
12:15pm Lunch
1:00pm  Keynote 
1:45pm  Keynote - Can Australia achieve true, lasting reconciliation with Indigenous people?
Stan Grant
3:00pm  Close day 2
3:15pm - 5:00pm    Women's leadership network
Optional event for women to enjoy afternoon tea together, with informal discussions around leadership topics


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